✔️Creating an Activity Feed Post with Google Powered Location

Share Your Moments

  • Click on "Activity Feed": Access the "Activity Feed" section from your Evalflow dashboard.

  • Select "Create Post": Click on the "Create Post" button to initiate a new activity feed post.

  • Choose the Post Type: Select the type of post you want to create, such as a text post, photo post, or link post.

  • Craft Your Post: Compose your activity feed post with a caption describing the activity or event you want to share with your team.

  • Add Media (Optional): If you're creating a photo post or linking to media, use the "Add Media" option to include images or videos.

  • Add Google Powered Location (Optional): For businesses with multiple locations or for sharing specific activity locations, use the "Google Powered Location" feature. This allows you to showcase the exact location of the activity and connect with team members across different locations.

  • Post Your Activity: Once you're satisfied with your activity feed post, click on "Post" to share it with your team.

By following these easy steps and utilizing the Google Powered Location feature, you can create engaging activity feed posts on Evalflow, promoting team bonding and sharing valuable moments with your colleagues across various locations. Start posting today and keep the positive vibes flowing!

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